Young girls love old man’s reason

000F054NeWEIn every case aloof and proud girl, easy to be blue old man attract. Assume that the girl fall in love with an old man, a not because of money, not because two handsome, that can only say that is was attracted by the glamour of old man.

Charm 1 : careful

Electra complex, for some women is especially important. Sensitive to find your emotions, and to guide your emotions in a daze, you became obedient little sheep. He can understand all your thoughts, he knows all of your needs, but he won’t obviously want you to feel that he knew, this is what he is incompetent. Finally, think he just like your dad, never in front of dad have convergence.

Charm 2: stable

The blue man in all seriousness unsmiling clear step by step, a s) chess step is rigorous, let little woman in addition to admire is worship, worship in addition to have the desire to hair dia. Finished you want to see him smile appearance, then you leave no stone unturned to close to him, and you can rack your brains to attract him, finally he give you a reservation smile, you completely fall in a faint.

Charm 3: patience

This kind of precious quality of impatient women are more useful. He can take great pains to every ready for you a cup of milk, he can talk endlessly to ask you head still hurt not painful… In a word, he won’t telephone first sentence asked “want to me”, so “be” words. This kind of their child care when feeling, let a woman shed tears of gratitude. For most sexual experience not rich or untapped potential for women, mentally happy and content than the flesh of the rich.

charm 4: no trouble

All the things he can solve, won’t let you follow worry; All things can be solved very well (didn’t get he won’t tell you), just waiting for you sincerely admire and joy. With him, congratulations you finally be carefree housewife. In fact, this is the most important factor to age are too big, he said afraid you don’t understand.

charm five: accent

To see people make threatening gestures the horse of the courts after little girls speaking, the taste is not only a solid feel, more important is, in terms of character, a nature active women to the silence of the man interested in. A writer said: “when a man is silent, the night is coming, the women give up on the inside. A woman of the night, already has overcome fear, and has a fascinating infatuation, and trespassed woman, will also be conquered the night.”

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The old man’s foil make you more beautiful, the pride make you won’t give up; Old man care make you more secured, joke he wouldn’t really angry; The old man is sedate let you find yourself but person clever.